A Proposal Series — A Response: B “Paalam. Sorry”


My life that’s yours
Is out-running existence. An apology.
Willing heart surrenders to unable body.

Let them dreams come true for you,
Even my demise, a heart endures.
Love endures.

For them million eyes.
Let them eyes see.
For your dreams, For you,
And to my love is a dying waitee.

To sing the promises
Exposed by a voice that’s yours
Is life so fulfilling.
A path worthy of living,
And dying.

Don’t weep.
Let them know
How glad I am
To hold.

For I am yours.

Not long my breathing will stop.
Prayers and flowers will surround me soon.
Life expires, love endures.

For a willing heart
Surrenders to unable body,

An apology.

Love will be you. Love is you.


So Long.

A Proposal Series — A Response: [A]

I’ve been waiting before I even began.
I’ve been here before you even came.
Let them devils and angels explain.

For me too, are waiting.
And so as my feet, poised to fulfill.
The Love that marks us.
Will endure if willing.

Don’t weep.
Let them know
How glad I am
To hold.

I am yours.

My heart too.
will decide to rest it all.
Maybe we’ll find us someday.
When dreams come true.

An apology.

Goodbye. I love you.

A Proposal Series — Pramis

A gift is lied to rest.
For feet are impelling to fulfill.
Heart’s asleep but not sealed.
Remorse for soon is un-impending.

Come the time for it will
I will find me–An ending.
Please remain.. Be here..
I’ll join your winding.

A question of assurance.
It is now but not..
End it will, but soon cannot
Them will pass…
But not love.

…Not you.

Journey will continue now.
Heart being asleep.
I will find big dreams.
I’ll begin dreaming big.
Love will have its rest
Now but not permanent.

But pass as you will daughter of air.
Hold or breeze as you wish..

…Never can I hold your moving.