A Proposal Series — A Response: B “Paalam. Sorry”


My life that’s yours
Is out-running existence. An apology.
Willing heart surrenders to unable body.

Let them dreams come true for you,
Even my demise, a heart endures.
Love endures.

For them million eyes.
Let them eyes see.
For your dreams, For you,
And to my love is a dying waitee.

To sing the promises
Exposed by a voice that’s yours
Is life so fulfilling.
A path worthy of living,
And dying.

Don’t weep.
Let them know
How glad I am
To hold.

For I am yours.

Not long my breathing will stop.
Prayers and flowers will surround me soon.
Life expires, love endures.

For a willing heart
Surrenders to unable body,

An apology.

Love will be you. Love is you.


So Long.

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